Spain’s burnt out ’babysitter grandparents’ urged to strike -----西班牙呼籲累壞的「保母祖父母」罷工

  A call has gone out for grandparents around Spain to down tools recently and go on strike - because they’re sick to the teeth of all that childcare.

  For a country where half of all grandparents look after their grandchildren every day – one in eight for more than nine hours a day – the strike call threatens to disrupt the working lives of a significant proportion of the population and expose the extent to which this unpaid work is propping up the economy.

  "We want grandparents to strike to prove they are a key part of the way this country functions," said Manuel Pastrana, leader of the UGT general workers’ union in the southern region of Andalucia. "Learn to say no" and "don’t feel guilty" are the slogans, aimed at so-called "babysitter grandparents".

  The call is part of a wider attempt to bring the country to a halt with a general strike. But it has also struck at one of the key elements of Spanish society – where grandparents provide the childcare that working parents cannot give and the state does not offer.

  "It is a growing problem because grandparents are cheaper than childminders and they are an easy option when the economy is as bad as it is now," said Dr Jaime Rodriguez, of Spain’s Society of Gerontology. "That is probably fine for most of them, but some cannot cope."


burnt-out(或burned-out): 形容詞,指精疲力竭,尤指因工作或長期壓力而感到疲憊不堪的,如She was burned-out before she was 30. (不到30歲她就已身心俱疲。)

down tools:片語(主要為英國及澳洲用語),指拒絕繼續工作,尤指對薪資或工作條件不滿的情況,如Thousands of Krakow steelworkers downed tools to demand more pay.(數千名克拉科夫的鋼鐵廠工人為要求加薪而罷工。)

be fed up/sick to the back teeth: 片語(主要為英國或澳洲非正式用語),指對某情況拖延太久或對某事一再被討論感到厭煩或生氣,如He’s been treating me badly for two years and, basically, I’m fed up to the back teeth with it. (他惡整我已經兩年了,老實說我已經忍無可忍。)






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