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Spain’s burnt out ’babysitter grandparents’ urged to strike -----西班牙呼籲累壞的「保母祖父母」罷工

  A call has gone out for grandparents around Spain to down tools recently and go on strike - because they’re sick to the teeth of all that childcare.

  For a country where half of all grandparents look after their grandchildren every day – one in eight for more than nine hours a day – the strike call threatens to disrupt the working lives of a significant proportion of the population and expose the extent to which this unpaid work is propping up the economy.

  "We want grandparents to strike to prove they are a key part of the way this country functions," said Manuel Pastrana, leader of the UGT general workers’ union in the southern region of Andalucia. "Learn to say no" and "don’t feel guilty" are the slogans, aimed at so-called "babysitter grandparents".

  The call is part of a wider attempt to bring the country to a halt with a general strike. But it has also struck at one of the key elements of Spanish society – where grandparents provide the childcare that working parents cannot give and the state does not offer.

  "It is a growing problem because grandparents are cheaper than childminders and they are an easy option when the economy is as bad as it is now," said Dr Jaime Rodriguez, of Spain’s Society of Gerontology. "That is probably fine for most of them, but some cannot cope."


burnt-out(或burned-out): 形容詞,指精疲力竭,尤指因工作或長期壓力而感到疲憊不堪的,如She was burned-out before she was 30. (不到30歲她就已身心俱疲。)

down tools:片語(主要為英國及澳洲用語),指拒絕繼續工作,尤指對薪資或工作條件不滿的情況,如Thousands of Krakow steelworkers downed tools to demand more pay.(數千名克拉科夫的鋼鐵廠工人為要求加薪而罷工。)

be fed up/sick to the back teeth: 片語(主要為英國或澳洲非正式用語),指對某情況拖延太久或對某事一再被討論感到厭煩或生氣,如He’s been treating me badly for two years and, basically, I’m fed up to the back teeth with it. (他惡整我已經兩年了,老實說我已經忍無可忍。)






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Scientists invent invisibility cloak---科學家發明隱形披風


  It sounds like a far-fetched invention from science-fiction or fairytales.

  But US scientists have developed a working invisibility cloak made from small particles of glass.

  When light hits an object, it bounces off the surface and into the naked eye, making it visible. But researchers at Michigan Tech University have found a way of capturing infrared light and bending it around an object, making it invisible.

  At the moment the science is still based in the lab. But if the same results could be achieved with visible light, the shrouded object would disappear from sight.

  Professor Elena Semouchkina has developed a nonmetallic cloak that uses identical glass resonators made of chalcogenide glass, a type of material that does not conduct electricity

  In computer simulations, the cloak made objects hit by infrared waves—approximately one micron or one-millionth of a metre long—disappear from view.

  It is the first time scientists have tried using glass to bend light in this way.

例句:I’m not conviced by your far-fetched excuse.(我不會被你牽強的理由說服。)

(be)made from:片語,(產生本質變化的)由……製成。
例句:The paper is made from wood.(紙是木材做的。)「be made of」則表示由成品可看出原料,例句:The table is made of wood. (這張桌子是木頭製造的。)

chalcogenide glasses:科學名詞,硫系玻璃。









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「又要飛喇!」被視為空姐大呻因工作被迫經常周遊列國的反話,令不少年輕人­更渴望加入機艙服務員工作。但要成功入職,必須過五關斬六將。 80後現職空姐郭倩婷表示,機艙工作需長時間站立,要適應各地時差,體力需求一點不輕­,「搭完十幾個鐘長途機,無論幾攰、幾眼瞓,膊頭有幾痛都好,都要保持專業形象。」



80後空姐郭倩婷入行近 5年,她說工作雖然辛勞,但能開闊眼界。 06年她在飛機上遇到一名約 15歲女乘客,少女剛於溫哥華接受腦部手術失敗,只剩 3個月生命,「佢話由細到大都好想坐商務客位,好開心終於坐到,佢笑得好開心,冇講過­一句負面嘅說話,令我更加珍惜生命。」這些經歷及乘客的笑臉,成為她工作的動力。
月薪 1.8萬(港)工會指報大數

國泰航空去年 2月起凍結機艙服務員人手,隨着陸續開通米蘭及莫斯科兩條新航線,今年 3月重新招聘,預計聘請數百人,現已收到 7,000多人申請,招聘不設限期,國泰會按公司擴展情況分批聘用。最快一輪面試將於­本月進行,成功入職的百多名機艙服務員,將於莫斯科航線 7月首航前上任。
新入職機艙服務員須接受 5星期培訓,半年試用期後,國泰表示月薪平均可達 1.7(港)至 1.8(港)萬元。不過國泰空中服務員工會主席黎玉嬋卻質疑公司報大數,據工會了解,薪金連­同外站津貼最多只有 1.4(港)至 1.5(港)萬元。

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